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ShootDown Tower Stands originated in Grayson County – Texas' only bow-only county!

"Citadel Tower Stands were developed out of our frustration with attempting to bowhunt in a region with plenty of mesquite brush and trophy whitetails, but nowhere to hang a treestand. We quickly realized the futility of hunting in a traditional, open tripod because the experienced deer would spot us long before they came into bow range.

We became frustrated with ground blinds because of the boredom that comes from hunting with the limited visibility afforded by a brushed-in ground blind. The solution was to combine the best qualities of a tripod and ground blind, but this had to be accomplished without the typical restrictions on shooting a bow that are imposed by traditional tower stands.

Our breakthrough came when we realized the ultimate solution: Inclining the walls allowed us to shoot our bows at any angle while also opening up a true 360° field of fire. We had created the first true bowhunting tower stand.”

“Doc” Hayes – CITADEL Inventor


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