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The CITADEL Hard Top Tower Stand

Unique shape allows you to shoot down at close-in game

Treestands are the choice of most savvy bowhunters. Treestands get you above the sight and scent line of wary whitetails and give you a birds-eye view. But, treestands also expose hunter movement, restrict shooting direction, require an available tree and offer little protection from the elements. Ground blinds, on the other hand, cover up movement, offer more shooting flexibility, and protect you from wind, rain and cold. But, ground blinds require brushing in (because they're in a deer's line of sight), offer a restricted view and are prone to silhouetting.

To date, efforts to combine the advantages of each hunting method have fallen short. Enter the CITADEL ShootDown Tower Stand. It's elevated like a treestand, but offers the concealment, shooting flexibility and protection of a ground blind. Most important, it solves the fundamental problems of an elevated blind – its unique shape gives you the ability to shoot down at close-in game. This, while also giving you the internal space to easily draw your bow, and the flexibility to shoot in any direction. Plus, it dramatically reduces the potential for silhouetting. The key is the unique, patent-pending shape. This Tapered Torso design provides space where you need it while accommodating the close-in shot for which bowhunters strive.

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