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citadel sanctuary 2012 Sanctuary
We created the CITADEL™ Sanctuary™ because there weren’t any elevated deerstands designed specifically for bowhunting.  While planning their season, bowhunters have been forced to choose either a ground blind or an open elevated stand. Each has advantages and disadvantages (see table), and either one might be an acceptable choice depending on the situation. However, if a bowhunter wants the flexibility to hunt several different types of locations and environments, he will need an assortment of treestands and ground blinds. We have created a much more versatile alternative – the CITADEL™ Sanctuary™!

The CITADEL™ Sanctuary’s™ patent-pending elevated design combines the benefits of a ground blind and a traditional open elevated stand (see comparison of benefits chart), while avoiding the drawbacks of both. It is the right choice for various hunting environments and conditions.

Citadel™ Sanctuary™ Features:

10’ Elevated Platform
(60” diameter)
  • Large enough for two – A hunter and companion, guide or cameraman
  • Improved Visibility over longer distances
  • Scent dispersion above game animals
  • Set Above animal’s normal gaze
  • Sets up where the deer are, regardless of where the trees are
Enclosed Canopy
  • Allows you to draw undetected
  • Rain, snow and sleet resistant
  • Provides shade in hot weather
  • Acts as wind break in cold weather
  • Insect-resistant
  • Allows more movement without being detected
Angled Windows
  • Allows bowhunters to shoot straight out or shoot downward without risers hitting walls. Can take game close to the base of the deerstand.
Enlarged Canopy Crown
  • Gives bowhunters the interior room to draw
  • Decreases chances of being silhouetted by game animals; the interior of the roof backs up the window, not the opposite window
Silent, Center-Mounted seat
  • Lets you keep your back against the wall for more footroom, no matter which direction you are facing
  • Silent spinning mechanism provides 360° shooting opportunities.
  • Bass boat seat lets you sit comfortably for hours

Comparison of Benefits:

Elevated Stand Ground Blind CITADEL™ SANCTUARY™
Can draw undetected + +
Sets up practically anywhere + +
Allows more movement + +
Weather-resistant + +
Insect-resistant + +
Shade in hot weather + +
Above animal’s normal gaze + +
Scent dispersion above animal + +
Improved Visibility over bigger area + +
Better shot angle + +
360°shooting ability ? +
More comfortable seat ? +