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CITADEL Hard Top Tower Stand

Revolutionary ShootDown Shape

  • Lets you shoot down at nearby game
  • Gives you more space to draw your bow
  • Dramatically reduces the chance of "silhouetting"
  • Gives you a true 360° field of fire

Key Features:

  • Tapered Torso design for maximum space
  • ShootDown angled windows
  • Unibody fiberglass construction
  • BlackOut interior
  • Fully insulated
  • Center-mounted swiveling seat system


  • 5' base – large enough for two
  • 8' crown – plenty of room
  • 7' tall – accommodates the tallest hunter
  • 5', 10' or 15' tower (with porch/stairs) – gets you above the deer’s sight/scent line
  • Capacity – two adults

Citadel Stand

Complete unit includes:

  • Unibody fiberglass blind
  • Steel Tower & Stair Case
  • Center-mounted swiveling seat system
  • Curtain System

Starting at $4,750.00*

*Shipping Cost

Our standard shipping charge is $2.25 per loaded mile for up to 6 stands.

We ship by truck and don't ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally.

In addition to shipping charges, we charge the following optional set-up fees:

  • $250.00 apiece to set up a 5' tower
  • $350.00 apiece to set up a 10' tower
  • $450.00 apiece to set up a 15' tower

Set-up fees assume a level site easily reached by our truck.

Instruction Manual

Please read this manual in its entirety prior to using this product!


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