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Revolutionary ShootDown Shape allows you to shoot down at close-in game

On traditional elevated, box-shaped stands, shooting at close-in game can be challenging. The closer the animal gets, the narrower the effective opening. The windows on a CITADEL ShootDown Tower Stand are purposely angled downward. This maximizes the size of the opening as the animal gets within effective bow range. The shape also maximizes functional interior space. That means you'll have plenty of room to draw your bow and shoot.

Silhouetting is limited because black interior ceiling backs up window

Thanks to the unique shape, the windows on a CITADEL are backed up by the stand's BlackOut interior ceiling. This means a deer is far less likely to see movement because the windows front and back don't line up.

Unique center-mounted, dual swiveling seat system lets you shoot a full 360° (optional)

What happens if that big buck comes in from behind? If you're in a treestand, you won’t be able to shoot. In a ground blind, you'll have to make a maneuver. In a CITADEL, you simply swivel silently in your comfortable bass-boat style seat that's on a center-mounted turret. In no time, you’re in position to shoot. There's nothing else like it!


The CITADEL Hard Top is made to last on the outside, made for comfort on the inside

Put out your CITADEL Hard Top and leave it out! Featuring a seamless unibody, molded fiberglass construction, the Hard Top is fully insulated, fully carpeted (walls and floors), comes with tinted, silent, rubber-sealed, scratch-resistant glass windows and a key-lockable door. And, the seamless floor (1", 7-layer fully insulated fiberglass) is UV protected, squeek-free and will last a lifetime.

It also features BlackOut interior, shoot-through windows, and a matte green exterior finish.

Choose between 5 foot, 10 foot or 15 foot high tower (made of heavy-gauge, 2 inch angle iron)


Towerstand Features

Seamless fiberglass construction; UV protected; won’t rust or squeak
Seven ShootDown downward-angled windows
Fully insulated walls & door
Bolt-together tower
Center-mounted, dual swiveling seat system lets you shoot 360° (optional)
Fully carpeted interior for quiet hunting
Shaped, Tapered Torso anti-silhouette design
Shoot-through mesh (optional)
Roll-down BlackOut window covers (optional)
Full BlackOut interior
No-glare, matte green finish
Fully assembled stand
The angled window openings allow you to shoot down at close-in game

Key Features:

  • Tapered Torso design for maximum space
  • ShootDown angled windows
  • Unibody fiberglass construction
  • BlackOut interior
  • Fully insulated
  • Center-mounted swiveling seat system


  • 5' base – large enough for two
  • 8' crown – plenty of room to draw and fire
  • 7' tall – accommodates the tallest hunter
  • 5', 10' or 15' tower (with porch/stairs) – gets you above the deer’s sight/scent line
  • Capacity – two adults

Instruction Manual

Please read this manual in its entirety prior to using this product!

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