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FAQ - Tactics

Find answers to recurring questions and myths about Citadel.

Q: Can a Citadel ShootDown Tower Stand increase my odds of success versus hunting from a tree stand?

A: There is no substitute for time in the field! An enclosed deer blind is going to keep you warm and comfortable, even on those really cold mornings. The more comfortable you are in the deer woods, the longer you will stay in your blind. The longer you stay in your deer blind, the more likely you are to take that "buck of a lifetime".

Q: I'm a bow hunter. Can I draw my bow in a Citadel ShootDown tower stand?

A: The ShootDown deer blind is 8' in diameter at the crown. This expanded space gives bow hunters plenty of room for the arrow to project in front of the extended bow arm before the draw, as well as room for the draw arm elbow to properly tuck in behind the bow hunter at the end of the draw. The angled shape of the ShootDown not only allows bow hunters to come to draw unimpeded, it allows you to shoot the deer no matter how close he is.

Q: What about longbows or recurve bows?

A: The Citadel ShootDown hunting blind itself is 7' tall and rests atop your choice of a 5', 10', or 15' tower. This extra interior height allows plenty of room to draw your bow, even if you are bow hunting with a longbow or a recurve bow.

Q: I can see that ShootDown TowerStands are ideal for bowhunters, but I'm a rifle hunter. Can I hunt with my high-power or black powder rifle from a ShootDown deer blind?

A: The elevated position atop the 5', 10', and 15' steel tower get you up above the brush. The octagonal shape and downward-facing windows of your ShootDown deer blind create a commanding view and unobstructed field-of-fire that are unparalleled in the hunting blind industry. Our shooting rests spin around with the seats to give you stability no matter the direction. Alternatively, the deer blind window ledges make excellent shooting rails for extra stability on those critical long-range shots.

Q: Isn't it too loud when you shoot a firearm from inside a blind?

A: As long as you always have the muzzle of your high-power or black powder rifle outside of the window, the insulated walls of your ShootDown deer blind will actually help to shield you from loud reports. Always wear hearing protection, of course.

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