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FAQ - Safety

Find answers to recurring questions and myths about Citadel.

Q: Is there anything I should keep in mind while shooting my bow from inside my Citadel?

A: Yes. Safety, first and foremost. Keep in mind your arrow shoots well below your bow sight. DON'T SHOOT THE WALL OR WINDOW SILL OF YOUR SHOOTDOWN! Always draw and fire your bow with the arrow tip aimed outside the window.

Q: How difficult is it to assemble the steel tower and set up the TowerStand?

A: Putting up your new Citadel requires plenty of help, the right equipment, and a few hours. Your Citadel will come with a set of instructions and safety precautions. Basically, you set the Citadel deer blind on its door, attach the steel tower which requires assembly, tip it up, and secure it to the ground.

Q: Should I fasten my Citadel to the ground?

A: Absolutely. We recommend that you use four stakes in the legs, two in the ladders, and at least one earth anchor with strong cables. Properly anchor the stand as soon as you put it up.

Q: Is the ShootDown bear proof?

A: No.

Q: I live up North. Will snow loads damage my Citadel?

A: Because of our rigid fiberglass unibody construction, the weight of snow will not be a problem.

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