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Find answers to recurring questions and myths about Citadel.

Q: I'm tired of being "busted". How does the ShootDown tower stand keep the deer from noticing me?

A: Citadel ShootDown TowerStands are the ideal deer hunting stands. The ShootDown deer blind angled shape and elevated position are designed "from the ground up" to conceal your presence from the nose, eyes, and ears of wary whitetails.

Q: How does the ShootDown help with scent control?

A: Whitetail deer have up to 297 million olfactory receptors in their nose (as compared to 5 million in humans and 220 million in dogs). Their incredible nose gives whitetails a sense of smell that is estimated to be 10,000 times better than ours. This extraordinary olfactory capability represents whitetail's primary line of defense - and is pretty tough to beat 100% of the time. The enclosed ShootDown deer blind tends to limit scent dispersal, but is not "scent proof". By getting you up off the ground, the tower stand elevates your "scent cone" above the deer. Both of these factors serve as important components of what should be a comprehensive scent-control program.

Q: How does a Citadel ShootDown tower stand help to prevent the deer from seeing me?

A: Because of numerous anatomical and physiological differences, whitetail deer do not see the world as we see it. Deer are designed to see in low-light conditions (dawn, dusk, and nighttime), and to detect even the slightest motion. Citadel ShootDown tower stands are designed with these optical advantages in mind. Our unprecedented angled shape makes it virtually impossible for animals near the tower stand to "silhouette" a hunter between two windows. This angular effect is accentuated by our unique paint design.

Q: I've never seen a deer blind with a paint style like the ShootDown. Shouldn't a deer blind be painted with a camouflage pattern?

A: The sudden appearance of an elevated tower stand is not something that can be hidden from a perceptive whitetail herd, no matter what paint scheme the deer stand is sporting. The deer will immediately notice the new blind and initially avoid it. Individual deer will quickly determine that the tower blind is not a source of danger and will soon ignore it altogether. Before long the stand will become a familiar part of the environment, even to the cagey old bucks.

Q: So does the color of a deer blind make any difference?

A: Absolutely. A well thought out paint design can represent the crucial difference between your success and failure. The roof/waist of Citadel Deer Stands are olive drab. The eaves are flat black. The contrast between the relatively lighter olive green and much darker flat black creates an optical illusion that the eave is actually the natural shadow of the roof. The "Blackout Interior" of the blind is also flat black and exactly matches the external eaves. The fact that the eaves and the windows are the same color causes the windows and interior to perfectly blend into the surrounding eaves. So the windows aren't noticeable, the "black hole" phenomenon so frequently encountered in ground blinds is prevented, and the interior contents are concealed.

Q: But why did you choose black? Wouldn't any other color be as effective, as long as the interior and exterior of the blind match?

A: The color black is unique. The brain interprets the presence of all colors as white and the absence of light as black. A white object effectively reflects all light wavelengths striking it, while black absorbs all light wavelengths that encounter it. The ShootDown's "Blackout Interior" absorbs most of the light that enters the blind. That means there is less reflected light to illuminate the hunter and less light that escapes back out of the blind. The result is that it is much harder for you to be spotted while hunting from a ShootDown deer blind. And the effect is magnified when you wear black clothing.

Q: But shouldn't I wear camo clothing while hunting from my ShootDown TowerStand?

A: The Blackout Interior of your Citadel ShootDown TowerStand harnesses the same principle as stage illusions widely used by Vaudeville magicians in the early twentieth century. The principle is that it is impossible for the eye (human or cervid) to resolve a black object on a black background in poor light. That's why Ninjas and Special Ops wear black. They simply disappear into the background. The effect is multiplied when you wear black clothing and keep the ShootDown shades partially down.

Q: How do you’re the windows work?

The ShootDown deer blind windows fold up and out if the way. They are designed to be opened and closed with one hand so that you can keep your bow or rifle in the other hand and be ready for your shot.

Q: You claim to have a 360 degree field-of-fire. What about the door?

Each window's field of fire overlaps with its neighbor's. The windows adjacent to the door cover any deer blocked by the door. Set up your ShootDown such that the door is directed towards the area from which an animal is least likely to appear.

Q: My conventional box-shaped deer blind sounds like I'm banging on a kettle drum when I barely bump against it. How loud are Citadel ShootDown TowerStands?

A: Citadel Deerstands' deer blinds are unibody composite construction that are completely assembled at the factory (only the steel tower requires assembly at the site). The torso, eaves, and roof of the deer blind are totally enveloped outside and inside with a thick layer of fiberglass. Within this enveloping fiberglass layer are two inner layers of glass-mat facer. Within these facers rests the inner core of high-density commercial-grade closed cell foam called polyisocyanurate. This polyisocyanurate foam exhibits excellent thermal insulation properties as well as acoustic dampening abilities. The floor and inner walls of the deer blind are covered to the windows with high-quality marine-grade carpeting to increase comfort and to further dampen any sound from accidental bumps, etc. The result is a deer blind that can absorb most sound from within the blind or noise generated from banging the walls.

Q: Can I lock my new deer blind?

Yes. ShootDown deer blinds come with a top-of-the-line key-locking aluminum entry door similar to those found in mobile homes.

Q: Is the ShootDown pest proof?

The ShootDown deer blind is manufactured with close tolerances on our doors and windows to keep out owls, wasps, yellow jackets, mice, etc.

Q: How long will my ShootDown TowerStand last?

A: With careful routine maintenance, your ShootDown TowerStand is built to last a lifetime.

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